Why hire a company with licensed arborists?
Anyone can pick up a saw and cut a branch or cut a tree.  Not everyone knows that making improper cuts can damage a tree, make it prone to disease, or kill it all together. At Stanley Tree Service, our licensed arborists will not just trim your trees, they will use their professional and educated methods to properly prune your tree and make proper cuts to ensure the good health and proud appearance of your trees.

Who needs a pesticide license?
Anyone who applies pesticides for hire on other people's property needs to get a commercial pesticide applicator's license to apply general use (over the counter) pesticides. These pesticides may be applied only by or under the direct supervision of specially trained and certified applicators. This certification and its training programs are conducted by in accordance with national standards.  At Stanley Tree Service, pesticide application is done by our licensed pesticide applicators in accordance with state guidelines.

Stanley Tree has licensed arborists and licensed pesticide applicators serving Rhode Island ( RI ) and Massachusetts ( MA ). Contact us today for a free, no-obligation estimate.

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