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    Plant health management at Stanley Tree involves applying knowledge of plant needs and insect and disease suppression to produce healthy and beautiful home landscapes. Healthy plants are better equipped to resist injury from insects and diseases so first we insure that the plant cultural needs are being met. We determine if nutrient levels are appropriate through soil testing, if moisture levels are adequate, if the plant is getting the correct amount of exposure to sunlight, and if the root system has developed properly. Corrective action such as root collar excavation and removal of girdling roots, pruning adjacent trees to let in more light, applying soil amendments and/or fertilizer, repelling deer, ticks and mosquitoes, and developing an irrigation or drainage plan are discussed and cost estimates are provided. In extreme conditions we may recommend removal of a plant and replacement with one better suited to the rigors of the site. If it is determined that controlling a destructive insect population or disease is required we start by selecting the safest control product available and time the product application to coincide with the most vulnerable stage of the plant pest life cycle, using an application method that limits non-target exposure. Finally, we monitor the property post application to determine if the application was effective or if additional applications are needed. Our goal always is to work with nature rather than against it, to apply our environmental knowledge to produce healthy, vigorous plants and above all to satisfy our customers.

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