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Mosquito/Tick Control and Deer Repellant

    Mosquito and Tick Control

    The list of serious illnesses carried by mosquitos and ticks seems to grow each year. This factor, in
    addition to the very high populations of these insects and their extended period of activity due to global
    warming, have made mosquito and tick control programs very much in demand.

    Stanley Tree Service offers a variety of options for controlling stinging and biting insect including organic
    methods using naturally occurring plant oil extracts as well as targeted treatments with synthetic
    pyrethrins that offer longer residual activity against most insects without increased environmental risk.

    Some clients demand an insect free environment from early Spring until late Fall. Others prefer to focus
    control efforts around specific outdoor events they have planned. Either way, Stanley Tree Service is
    ready to design a program that fits your needs and meets all standards for environmental safety. We will
    be glad to share our knowledge of deer tick and mosquito life cycles and control strategies that will help
    you choose the best program to manage your home landscape and to provide personal protection when
    venturing beyond your property boundaries.

    Deer Repellant:

    Deer populations have been on the increase in both rural and suburban communities throughout New
    England. In addition to providing blood meals required to complete the life cycle of disease carrying deer
    ticks, these animals can cause catastrophic damage to home landscapes throughout the growing season
    and especially in the fall when male deer mark their territory by forceful bark removal from newly
    planted trees.

    Throughout the winter and early spring deer browse on tender shoots and evergreens up to about 4 feet
    above ground. The control strategy is based on the application of repellents that encourage the deer to
    change their browsing pattern. The products are offensive to their keen sense of smell but unnoticeable
    to humans and completely safe for pets and livestock. We can also wrap young trees with protective
    burlap to prevent bark injury and can apply a winter grade repellent in late fall that will last the entire

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